Friday, 25 November 2011

HB Leopard Print Hat(s) are out!!

The Last HB of November is out today! They are the HB Leopard Print hats! I say "they", as there are 2 different colour varitions! Grey and ordinary leopard colour! They cost only 9sd from Rio! (Not to pricy for once!) I really like em, and the fact there are 2 different colours! Here they are:
                                                     What do you think of this HB?? Katy x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

HB Suspender Tee is out!!

The next HB of November is out, it is from Stardoll for 15SD! I dont really like this HB, it doesnt grab my attention and stand out to me like the others!  Here it is:

                                                                          Do you like this HB? Katy xx

Friday, 18 November 2011

HB Dress is out!!

The 8th HB can be found today in Bonjor Bizou! It is the HB dress and it costs a pricy but worth it, 17SD! Now, i adore this HB! It is one of the best in a long time, and i have already bought it! The pink and black go together perfectly, and i love the simple yet sophisticated design!
                                                                        Here it is:

Thursday, 17 November 2011

HB Silver Heel Boots are out!!

The Fallen Angel Silver Heel boots were out today! They cost 12SD, pricy as usual! I love how simple theese boots are!                                             Here they are:
                                                                Will you be buying theese? Katy x

Monday, 14 November 2011

HB Leopard Print top is out!!!

The 6th HB of November was released today ^^ It is the HB Leopard prink dress in Rio for 15SD :) I love the leopard prink and i cannot wait for the HB Leopard prink hat that will follow shortly as it matches it!
                                                           Here it is: (thanks to Underneath Stardoll)
               What do you think of this HB? Katy x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

HB Feather Purse is out!!

The 5th Hb of November is now out! The HB Feather Purse can be found in Rio for 10SD! Not to expensive for once! I adore this! It is so pretty, yet fancy at the same time! Ive already bought it ;D This will definitly be a collectable in the future!                                Here it is:
                                                             Do you like this HB? Katy x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

HB Peace Leggings are out!!

The 4th HB of November was realeasd today! It is the HB Peace Leggings in Evil Panda for 11SD! I think theese are really funky and will go easily with any outfit because they are black.
                                                             Here they are:
                                                                Do you like this HB? Katy x

HB Tube Dress is out!!

The 3rd HB of November ois out! It is the HB Tube dress!  This is Bonjour Bizou for 18SD! (Yess 18SD!- Prict as always!) I really like this, it is purple and pretty!
                                                          Here it is:
                                                           What do you think? Katy x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

HB Silver Necklace is out!!

The 2nd HotBuy of November is out! The silver necklace in Tingling for only 8SD! Probably the cheapest HB for a while! I like the silver colour, however the style is really not me! So i shall not be buying this!
                                                                   Here it is:

                                                       Your thoughts on this HB? Katy xx

HB Mixtape Top is out!!

HEY! Sorry for the late posting! Really busy with school stuff (: Anyway, the 1st HB of november is out! It is the Mixtape Top in Fudge for 16SD! Actually, a rather reasonable price for once ^^ Im not a huge fan, but i like the design and style, but i would prefer otther colours to pink and white.

                                                                   Here it is: (Thanks to Underneath Stardoll)

                           So do you you like the start to the november HotBuys? Katy xx